Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May: Book progress and Granddaughter!

May is a beautiful time in Holland, Michigan - tulips and flowering trees make my daily walks a joy. Nick was home for a week between semesters, hoping his new niece would be born while in Holland, but no such luck. Little girl Sale will arrive when she wants to, not when the doctor says she is due.

I've been doing daily work on my data base of 100-year-old companies (verifying they are still independent operating companies), making daily "tweets" about old companies, and adding bits to the book draft. I have also started posting excerpts of chapters from the book on my blog and sent a draft of the whole book to Hope's PR firm to get their opinion on whether it is worth pursuing any further. In a conversation with the firm's president he told me the book is definitely "sellable" and he thinks there will be publishers interested in it. He gave me the names of some people to contact (their PR firm doesn't work with book publishers) and wished me luck. Now I just have to decide how serious I am about pursuing this.

I have committed to making a presentation on my research to HASP (Holland Area Senior Professionals) in the fall on my old company research and have made some additional plans for the trip to Portugal this summer for the GBATA conference. Just trying to keep busy while we wait!
We had a fun Mother's Day even without a new baby

And finally on May 20 (2 weeks late) the arrival into this world of Audrey Victoria Sale! 8 lbs, 3 oz & 20" long. We are all in love!!!

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